Tom Suozzi’s bold challenge to Kathy Hochul and the NY Democratic establishment

Publication: NY Post
By: Post Editorial Board

A sitdown with Rep. Tom Suozzi is night-and-day with one with Gov. Kathy Hochul, whom he’s challenging in this year’s Democratic primary.

Yes, the man from Nassau hedges here and there — but unlike Hochul, he actually takes a stand. He’s with us on the need to fix the state’s criminal-justice reforms and determined to reduce New York’s crippling property taxes (at least), and says parents should be told now that school-mask mandates will be wound down over the next few weeks.

And he’s clear on where we disagree: He’s too green to repeal the state’s jobs-killing ban on fracking, too pro-union to adopt other parts of our agenda and so on.

(To be fair, we expect Hochul’s other challenger, city Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, would be just as forthright — though our areas of agreement are pretty small.)

Crucially, Suozzi is also clear that “working with” the Legislature’s leaders requires give and take — e.g., finding things enough legislators want enough to trade for those stop-crime reforms that Mayor Eric Adams just got told he’ll never get.

He’s appalled that Hochul has kicked the can on this vital anti-crime move, which matters all across the state.