Tom Suozzi says he is ‘commonsense Democrat’ in primary for NY governor

By: Robert Harding

In primary elections, candidates typically appeal to the left or right, depending on their party.

Not Tom Suozzi.

Suozzi, a Long Island congressman, former Nassau County executive and mayor, is a self-described “commonsense Democrat.” He says he is sick of the far left in his party and the “crazy right” in the Republican Party. He is proudly running as a moderate — and he thinks he can win.

“I will work with anybody just to get the job done to help people,” he said in an interview with The Citizen. “It’s not about being politically correct. It’s about doing the correct thing to help people.”

This is Suozzi’s second campaign for governor. In 2006, he sought the Democratic nomination in a two-way race against then-state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. Spitzer won by a 4-to-1 margin. At the time, Suozzi was in his second term as Nassau County executive.

He touts his experience in government — “I’m a proven executive,” he says. He got his start in public service as mayor of his hometown, Glen Cove. He is now in his third term representing New York’s 3rd Congressional District.

“I know how government works and I know how to hold people accountable,” Suozzi adds. “I know how to inspire a team to work toward a vision. I know how to get things done in government, and government is very complicated.”