Suozzi’s strategy: Holding town halls in hopes of a campaign breakthrough

Publication: Newsday
By: Yancey Roy

The callers come in a steady stream. Danny from Garden City is concerned about crime and says he hasn’t voted for a Democrat in eight years.

Loyda, from Brooklyn, asks why high schools don’t offer shop classes any more. Mary, from Woodside, wonders why she’s still paying taxes at her age. Louis, from the Bronx, wants to know if the candidate will “sell out to the far left” like former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The gubernatorial candidate on the other end of the line, Rep. Tom Suozzi of Glen Cove, repeats his mantra on his campaign issues: Crime and taxes, his deep leadership experience and did I mention New York Mayor Eric Adams wanted me to be his deputy?

But he also strives to be chatty and personal: “You’re a nurse? My mother was a nurse!” “I have a friend from Jamaica. He went to Immaculate Conception.” “How ya’ doin’ Jean? My brother-in-law lives up there in Mount Vernon, too.”

And so it goes on a typical “telephone town hall” that Suozzi, a Democrat, has hosted more than a dozen times since December.