Suozzi Statement on NY’s response to COVID Holiday Surge


Glen Cove, NY – Statement From Congressman Tom Suozzi, Democratic candidate for Governor of New York, on New York’s response to the COVID Holiday surge:

“On December 1st, I noted that COVID cases had increased by over 100% since the end of October. I said that day that ‘New York State needs a COVID Holiday Plan’ and laid out 5 areas of emphasis – boosters, targeted zones, testing, travel advisory, and a contingency plan in case we entered a crisis. Later that afternoon I met with Kathy Hochul in Washington, DC and expressed my concerns about a lack of a comprehensive plan to fight the holiday surge. She told me, ‘We have COVID covered.’

Unfortunately, she failed to create or implement a comprehensive Holiday Plan and now we are paying the price. New York’s positive cases have increased over 800% since the end of October and people are waiting in lines for hours to get a test, while there are zero at-home testing kits available.

I believe with better planning and preparation, we could have confronted this crisis head on, instead of the piecemeal approach we continue to receive from the Governor’s office. The bottom line is, NY’s interim Governor lacks the executive experience to manage this crisis and her nearly exclusive focus on politicking and fundraising over the past 100 days has cost us dearly.”

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