Suozzi Says He’d Remove Manhattan DA Bragg If Elected Governor

The Long Island congressman becomes the most prominent Democrat yet to threaten to oust Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg over his controversial new prosecution policies

Publication: NBC New York

Rep. Tom Suozzi, trailing by a wide margin in polls for the New York gubernatorial primaries in June, launched a new ad Friday promising to remove Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg from office if elected.

Bragg has suddenly become a hot-button issue in the election, given a memo he issued earlier this month instructing prosecutors not to charge some crimes and to downgrade charges for others. He has framed his strategy as one centered on equity, but opponents claim he’s letting criminals off the hook.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for governor, has already said he’d use the governor’s power to remove district attorneys in order to get rid of Bragg. But with his new ad Suozzi becomes the most prominent Democrat yet to threaten the same.

“The Manhattan DA is actually proposing to downgrade armed robbery to a misdemeanor, and to stop prosecuting resisting arrest. That makes no sense,” Suozzi says in the ad, later adding “if any DA refuses to enforce the law, I’ll remove them.”