Suozzi-Reyna Announce Fernando Ferrer to Serve as Campaign Chairman


Congressman Tom Suozzi, common sense Democratic candidate for Governor, and his running mate, Diana Reyna, candidate for Lieutenant Governor, last night announced that Fernando Ferrer will serve as their campaign chairman for the Suozzi-Reyna ticket. Ferrer, a former City Council Member and Bronx Borough President, is a respected public official and leading voice for the Latino community across the state.

“I am honored that Fernando Ferrer has agreed to serve as our campaign chairman and will help us continue to grow our people-powered campaign, especially in the Latino community,” said Suozzi. “A highly-respected public servant in New York Democratic politics for decades, Freddy brings enormous credibility and expertise as we continue talking to Democrats across the state about addressing the crime crisis, lowering our property and state income taxes and bettering our schools.

“As we tackle these serious issues, Latino voices need to be at the table, not overlooked or ignored.” continued Suozzi. “By inviting Freddie to be our campaign chair and Lieutenant Governor candidate Diana Reyna as my running mate, I am laying down the marker that, contrary to Kathy Hochul, I am demonstrating that Latinos have significant roles in our campaign.”

The day after Suozzi announced Reyna as his running mate and hours before he announced Ferrer as his campaign chair, Hochul angered New York State Latinos by not including them in prominent speaking roles at the Democratic State Convention. In an effort to save face, the night before the convention, Hochul quickly installed three Latinos in lesser roles during the proceedings.

“Freddy will not only advise me, but he will help me, along with Diana, to get our message to Latinos in every corner of New York,” remarked Suozzi.

Diana Reyna said: “I am so excited that Fernando Ferrer has signed on to become the campaign chairman of our ticket to be the next Governor and Lt. Governor of New York. I look forward to working with him to build upon our efforts to reach out and welcome communities to our inclusive campaign that have been shut out of their state government for too long – especially the Latino community.”

Fernando Ferrer said: “I thank Congressman Suozzi for asking me to serve as his campaign chairman to help elect him the next Governor and Diana Reyna, the next Lt. Governor of New York. Tom is the right person to lead our state and has the proven executive experience and the right values to solve the challenges that are affecting real people. Tom and Diana are the most qualified and best suited to lead the Democratic Party to victory in November. Most importantly, they are the only two candidates who are willing to tackle the crime crisis, fix our troubled schools, grow jobs and improve the lives of all New Yorkers.”

Ferrer served in the New York City Council from 1982 to 1987 and was Bronx Borough President from 1987 through 2001. During his 14-year tenure as Borough President, he created housing for over 65,000 families. Bronx also saw a significant drop in crime, particularly in the South Bronx, and a steady rise in business and real estate investment.

In 2005, Ferrer became the first Latino to win the Democratic Party nomination for New York City Mayor. He has also served as president of the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, a non-profit, progressive think tank dedicated to economic and social justice; as a member of the board of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity; and as chair of the board of the Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association.

The Suozzi campaign also released two new television advertisements for his gubernatorial campaign to introduce himself to voters and draw a contrast with Hochul’s out-of-touch record on crime, taxes, and opposing fixing bail reform.

The $1+ million statewide ad buy began airing last night.

In “Standing Up”, Suozzi criticizes Governor Hochul for cozying up to the NRA and voting against common sense gun safety legislation as a member of Congress. The ad also criticizes the Governor’s refusal to fix bail reform instead of supporting New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ agenda to address the spike in gun violence.

In the second TV ad entitled “Common Sense“, Suozzi outlines his common sense agenda that includes lowering taxes, fixing bail reform, and tackling the crime crisis that is sending people and companies fleeing the state.

As the first woman of Dominican descent elected to public office in New York State, Reyna, if elected, would become the first Latino elected to statewide office.


Congressman Tom Suozzi is a common sense Democrat who gets things done. Tom was trained as a CPA and attorney, has served as Mayor of his hometown, Glen Cove, NY and as the Nassau County Executive before being elected to Congress in 2016. He has the proven executive experience, pragmatic approach to solving problems, and the bold vision to lead New York as its next Governor. Tom and his wife Helene live in Glen Cove, NY and have three children, Caroline, Joseph and Michael.

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