Suozzi knocks housing proposal; Hochul gets more labor nods

Publication: Spectrum Local News
By: Nick Reisman

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Suozzi on Thursday criticized a proposal by Gov. Kathy Hochul for accessory dwelling units in New York. Hochul, meanwhile, locked down more endorsements from prominent labor unions in the state.

Here’s a roundup of today’s campaign news in New York:

Suozzi blasts housing proposal 

This month, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s State of the State included a provision that would require municipal governments to allow for at least one accessory dwelling unit in an owner-occupied zoned lot. The effort, in large part, is meant to boost affordable housing and loosen land restrictions in the process. Her briefing book framed the proposal as a way for multi-generational families to have affordable housing options and live closer together

But Rep. Tom Suozzi on Thursday criticized the measure as an encroachment on local land use decisions.

“I don’t believe in taking away zoning control from local governments,” Suozzi said during a virtual news conference with local officials from Long Island.

Such a move would be state officials “imposing their will on local governments.”

“This proposal that’s being made would actually end single family housing in New York state,” he said.