Suozzi Introduces Himself to More Than 45,000 Democrats Across NY in Seven Tele-Town Halls


Glen Cove, NY – Congressman Tom Suozzi, common sense Democratic candidate for Governor of New York, last night held the seventh in his first series of regional tele-town halls. Since announcing his candidacy on November 29, 45,098 likely Democratic voters from every corner of New York have participated in the
tele-town halls.

Suozzi’s tele-town halls not only give voters the opportunity to express their concerns and directly ask him questions regarding his plans for the future of New York, but they also afford voters a chance
to get to know Suozzi better.

“Speaking directly to voters and listening to their concerns is the most effective way to let New Yorkers know what I am about and what I want to do as their next Governor,” said Suozzi. “I am grateful that so many people from every corner of our great state joined my calls, asked questions, let me know what they think about the issues facing our state, and responded in such a positive way to our campaign.”

As reported in NY State of Politics, the telephone town halls “(have) become something of a rarity in New York politics, especially during a pandemic: retail campaigning.”

In the regional tele-town halls, Democratic voters were able to participate on the phone or streaming live on Suozzi’s campaign website or on his Facebook page. During the tele-town halls Suozzi answered over 100 live questions, ranging from crime, taxes, and the economy to COVID, rent and housing issues. Another 782 voters who weren’t able to ask their questions live had the opportunity to leave a message with their question. In the days after the tele-town halls, Suozzi and his staff were able to call and answer the voter’s questions.

Participants were also encouraged to indicate on the calls if they wanted to help Suozzi in his campaign for governor, which nearly 230 Democrats did.

“There is nothing I love more about public service than to hear from the people I serve about the issues that affect their families and communities and what they expect their leaders to do to make their lives better,” said Suozzi “Since the beginning of COVID, meeting voters in person has been halted and I am so happy and encouraged that tens of thousands of New Yorkers took time out of their day to get on the phone with me and have conversations about how to make our state the greatest again.

“This is only the beginning, until it is safe to get on the road again and campaign in person across the state, I will continue to hold as many tele-town halls as I can to hear directly from New Yorkers.”

In the coming weeks, Suozzi will announce an additional series of statewide tele-town halls.

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