Suozzi Calls on Hochul to Make Plan to Stem Crime Surge in New York A Priority


Suozzi Proposes 4-Point Plan

Glen Cove, NY – Congressman Tom Suozzi, Democratic candidate for Governor, today called on interim Governor Kathy Hochul to develop a comprehensive public safety plan to stem the uptick in crime and gun violence that is occurring across the state.

The Congressman said that as Governor, he would make public safety a top priority by fixing bail reform and providing resources to cities across the state. He also criticized Hochul for refusing to publicly state her position on changing the state’s bail reform law. Instead, she has only suggested that she would have conversations with the state legislature and defer to them on the issue.

“The interim Governor hasn’t laid out a comprehensive plan for how to keep New Yorkers safe and we are all paying the price,” said Congressman Suozzi. “With the statistics we’re seeing, I’m very concerned about New York State being known as one of the crime capitals of the country. We need common sense solutions that will address the immediate public safety issues while fulfilling our obligation to justice for all New Yorkers. I am the only person running for Governor who knows how to tackle crime because I’ve actually done it.”

New York City, Buffalo and Rochester have each endured a spike in homicides. · In 2021 New York City neared 500 murders for the first time in a decade.

· There were 79 murders in Rochester in 2021, which is up 126% in the last five years and up 67% over 2020.

· The City of Buffalo experienced 65 homicides in 2020, the highest number since 2020

· Violent crime with a firearm increased 71% in Albany County from 2019 to 2020

· On Long Island, violent crime with a firearm increased 39% in Nassau County from 2019 to 2020.

In addition, the Congressman outlined a four-point plan to tackle the current crime crisis in New York that emphasizes both intervention and prevention. This includes:

1) Fixing bail reform to give judges the ability to determine if someone is a threat to public safety;

2) Giving police departments additional resources to combat the current spike in gun violence – such as shot spotters, gun buybacks, and other technology;

3) Shifting law enforcement to a community policing philosophy to engage local leaders and expanding the SNUG program; and

4) Addressing children’s problems before it’s too late, such as implementing a multi-layered support system in schools across the State.

As Nassau County Executive, Suozzi oversaw the 12th largest police department in the country, bigger than Detroit or Boston. As County Executive, Nassau County was ranked the safest place in the nation with a population over 500,000 and had its lowest crime rate in decades. He was able to reduce crime while stabilizing costs by reforming procedures, utilizing smarter deployment of resources, emphasizing community policing, and improving technology and equipment.

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