Suozzi Calls For Hochul’s Use Of State Aircraft To Be Investigated

Publication: Glen Cove Record Pilot
By: Natalia Ventura

On Jan. 13, Democratic governor candidate Congressman Tom Suozzi, held a virtual conference calling for the NYS Attorney General to investigate Governor Hochul’s misuse of taxpayer-funded state aircraft, which is in violation of State Ethics Law.

“Actions speak louder than words. The Governor has released her public schedule, only for her first 45 days in office. It turns out in the first 45 days, Governor Hochul used the taxpayer-funded state aircraft 45 times,” stated Suozzi.

Within those 45 days Hochul held 64 private events, while the number of COVID-19 cases increased.

Suozzi presented a 30-second video, a clip of Governor Hochul speaking when she first took office claiming to “focus on open, ethical governing that New Yorkers will trust.”