Suozzi Calls For a Gas Tax Holiday


For Immediate Release:
December 16, 2021

Says interim Governor’s lack of action is “unacceptable in the face of inflation that is squeezing families across New York.”

Glen Cove, NY – Congressman and common sense Democrat Tom Suozzi, candidate for Governor of NY today called for an immediate, three-month rollback of the New York State gas tax to help address the dramatic increase in inflation. He noted that New York’s gas tax, at .49 per gallon, is currently the ninth highest in the US. The “holiday” would cost the state approximately $130 million and could be paid for out of the billions that have been received from the federal government to address the pandemic.

Suozzi’s plan would have the state implement a gas tax “holiday” from January 1st to March 31st. In calling for immediate action, Suozzi said “New Yorkers need relief, and they need it now. I am very proud of the billions in federal aid that we worked so hard to get for New York, but now some of that money needs to go back to the people. We have the funds so the interim Governor should implement a gas tax holiday that would help New York families.”

Suozzi noted that according to the US Department of Labor, inflation rose 6.8% in November, the fastest pace since 1982. This has put a strain on many families, especially as we continue the pandemic recovery.

“This holiday season is time to help families pressured by inflation, it’s not a time to sit by and do nothing,” Suozzi said.

Suozzi announced his candidacy for governor earlier this month, calling himself a common sense Democrat and pledging to address the challenge of rising crime, a tax burden that is costing New York jobs, and to increase efforts to make New York more livable and affordable.

“Leadership means taking action and that is what I have done my entire public service career and that is what I will do as Governor,” said Suozzi.

Suozzi noted that the current New York State tax is “oppressive in a time of inflation,” and that some relief, even if temporary, is essential.” He added, “the recent increases in COVID infections and the lack of a coherent plan in New York State adds even more stress to small businesses and families. It’s time to act.”

Suozzi unveiled his support for a gas tax rollback during a regional tele-town hall he held on Wednesday evening in Western New York and the Southern Tier that drew over 5000 New Yorkers. Participants were able ask Suozzi questions, voice their concerns, and get to know the Congressman and his executive experience, common sense approach, and bold vision for New York.

Suozzi concluded, “when you are able to hear directly from residents, you quickly learn what they truly care most about. It is clear that our state needs a new direction and that we need to figure out how to work together to solve problems such as high taxes and inflation, fight crime, improve our troubled schools, address homelessness, and prepare for the long term. We can do better by working together.”

Suozzi will hold an additional six regional tele-town halls in January and February.


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