Statement from Kim Devlin, Senior Advisor to Congressman Tom Suozzi, Democratic Candidate for NY Governor:


“Today, Congressman Suozzi sought to bring attention to the deteriorating conditions at New York’s Penn Station. In response, Hochul’s henchman at the MTA, made it clear that the interim Governor is more interested in passing the buck to the City of New York than she is in taking responsibility for the alarming increase in crime, dangerous deterioration and congregation of homeless at Penn Station. Meanwhile, Congressman Suozzi has been one of the most effective advocates for the MTA in Congress, recently earning praise from former MTA president Pat Foye for helping secure funding that “saved the day” for the financially strapped system. Hochul needs to take responsibility and actually visit Penn Station to see for herself what New Yorkers are dealing with. Instead, she is shifting blame where it doesn’t belong and that’s not the kind of leadership that New York commuters need.”




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