Statement from Democratic Candidate for Governor Congressman Tom Suozzi on Interim Governor Hochul’s Latest Failure to Plan for School Testing


“Another day, another example of how the interim Governor continues to bungle the State’s response to Omicron, creating more confusion, chaos, and anxiety amongst New Yorkers. In the last 24 hours, I have received worrisome calls from school board members, school superintendents, and concerned parents who have received ever-changing and conflicting messages about when and how the State will supply at home test kits for students. School districts have been left without guidance and coordination from the State, and are being mandated to undertake the logistics of this operation. Each school district is left to create their own plan which will differ by both district and county.

Hochul’s lack of executive experience has resulted in a troubling pattern of making a pronouncement without an implementation plan – just like the interim Governor’s recent mask mandate. Instead of providing leadership, clarity and calm, we are getting more chaos and confusion.” .50463650

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